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Minister of Education Dr. Moudhi Al-Humoud Dr. Sulaiman Ghanim Al-Deikan has been appointed Dean of the Higher Institute of Musical Arts and is the son of the talented Kuwaiti composer Ghannam Al-Dikan.

We congratulate the new Dean, Dr. Suleiman Al-Deikan, and wish him to lift the Institute of Music from a lot of degradation and neglect and to make the Institute a beacon of fine musical art, and develop it to make the Institute to be cohesive with the community through «Resitltat» and concerts in the various arts of Kuwait, »It is not permissible to do Hajj.

The Diakan is a place to discover more young talents. Diikan is alone in his high academic background and also in his interaction with the research and studies and the excellent social events he has presented with his team over many years. We extend our sincere congratulations to Dr. Suleiman Al-Deikan, We present the autobiography of the Dean of the New Institute of New Music, Dr. Sulaiman Al-Diqan, from whom we reflect very much in the era of his stature.

Dr. Sulaiman Ghannam Al Dikan was born in Kuwait in 1971.

Joined the Institute of Music Studies in 1987, and received a Diploma in Music Studies in 1992. He graduated from the Higher Institute of Musical Arts Kuwait / Department of theories and writing, in 1996.

Holder of the Master's Degree in Music Sciences from the Holy Spirit University / Kaslik in the Republic of Lebanon in 2001.

PhD holder in Music, Composition and Orchestral Dissertation, University of the Holy Spirit, Kaslik, Lebanon, 2005.

Joined the Association of Composers, Composers and Music Publishers in Lebanon (Sacem) in 1999.

Member of the Board of Trustees of the Cultural Centers, following the decision of the Minister of the Amiri Diwan to form the Board of Trustees of the Cultural Centers in May 2007.

Chairman of the committees of the Opera House and the National Band 2009, in the Committee on the development of mechanisms in cultural centers in the Amiri Diwan.

Participated in the evenings held by foreign schools in Kuwait since 1987. He played international and other compositions, and participated in these evenings where many foreign musicians and composers from Kuwait

He led the symphony orchestra of the Republic of Lebanon from 2000 to 2004 to Kaslik University, Symphony Orchestra of the French Republic, UNESCO 2005, and the group of evenings in Kuwait.

Presented the soundtrack to more than 260 documentaries in cooperation with Kuwait Television and with B.B.C. , CNN, MBC and Gulf satellite channels.

Lecturer at the rank of Assistant Professor at the Higher Institute of Musical Arts Kuwait / Department of theories and writing 2005.

Researcher in the field of musical and artistic sciences. He has published the following books and researches:

"The Legacy of the Country", 2007, recent variations of Kuwaiti and Gulf tunes, in-depth study of Kuwaiti characters and characters, 16 pieces written for the piano.
Presented a study for the establishment of the Kuwait Opera Center »2007, to the Committee of Trustees of the Emiri Diwan in Kuwait.
Founder of the choir for the Institute of Music Studies in 2007, Kuwait.
Preparation of curricula for the Sounds Department of the Higher Institute of Musical Arts 2007, Kuwait,
Color Analysis Scientific research in the musical arts at the University of Kaslik Lebanon and the most important for Maronite melodies 1999.
"Modern Formation of Maronite Music" (2001), a thesis for a master's degree in musical sciences and a thesis for a doctorate in musical sciences
Contemporary Building Study of the Kuwaiti Alley »The Holy Spirit University Kaslik, College of Music 2005.

Published books: eight albums on CD, namely: Al Amal (1994), What Liberated Us (1995), Myth Models (1996), Desert and Coast (1996), Dubai, 2006, Heritage of the homeland »2007,« people »2009

Musical compositions and his symphonic works, which were presented on various occasions, especially for him: "Hope" of the United Nations in 1994, "The Different" in 1995 in the House of Lothan of Kuwait, "Myth Models" in the Kingdom of Bahrain in 1996, "The Eyes of My City" at the Egyptian Opera House 2000, Al-Hayat "in Kuwait, Capital of Culture 2000," From the Tone of Bells "at the Holy Spirit University, Kaslik, Republic of Lebanon 2001, Rafqa in Jarbatat Batroun, Lebanon 2001," Friendship "in the presence of former US President George Bush, University of the Holy Spirit Kaslik in the Republic of Lebanon in 2002, «from Kuwait» in Alio Skou Republic

(2006), Women 's Committee, Kuwait Council of Ministers, «Arabeixid Symphony» Bayan Palace Kuwait 2006, «Arab» Kuwait 2007, «Almraqi» House of Islamic Antiquities Kuwait 2008, a special evening for musician Ahmed Baqer.

The Ministry of Education, 2001, the "Home of Security", 2001, to the Saad Al-Abdullah Academy in the presence of His Highness the late Amir Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah and the then Crown Prince Sheikh Saad Al-Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah, Jaber Al-Farha (2005), the Council of Ministers and the Kuwaiti Sail in 2007 at the Kuwait Bayan Palace in the presence of His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, Crown Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah and Aswar Al-Nour, And national works of artist Shadi Al-Khaleej and artist Sanaalkh Raz composed by a composer. Ghannam Al Deekan.

The United Nations Award for the evening of "Hope" in 1994, and the prize for the best soundtrack in the Cairo Festival for the film "Al Mahalab" by Habib Hussein 1996,